Claudio Grandi got his Degree in Physics in 1990 and the PhD in 1996 at Bologna University. From 2001 is working in INFN as researcher in computing technologies. Since the degree he has been working in the OPAL experiment where he was responsible of the software packages for luminosity measurement with the Forward Detectors. He also did physics studies on Z0 and on fragmentation of light quarks. The activity then continued in the Monarc project and the CMS experiment. In CMS he has been responsible of the CMS Grid Integration task and member of the CMS Computing and Core Software Steering Committee (2001-2004). He contributed to the design and implementation of the CMS Computing system, being co-editor of the CMS Computing Model paper, co-editor of the LCG Technical Design Report and co-author of the CMS Computing Technical Design Report. He has been member of EU Datagrid and of EGEE collaborations. In EGEE and EGEE-II (2005-2008) he has been the Activity Manager of JRA1, responsible for the Middleware re-engineering. Further activities in CMS include: coordinator of the CMS Tier-1 Computing Centres (2008-2009), coordinator of the CMS Computing Integration Task (2010-2011), coordinator of the CMS Computing Evolution Task (2012-2013), coordinator of the CMS Computing Dynamic Resource Provisioning (since 2014). He has been responsible of the INFN-CNAF Tier-1 User Support Service (2012-2014). He is the Chairman of the INFN Computing and Network Commission (CCR) (since 2014). He is member of the CTS of Consortium GARR (since 2015).

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