GARR Conference

14-16 June 2023 - Florence

Users, operators, and managers of the Italian national education and research network meet annually at the GARR Conference to discuss and share ideas on how to use the network as a tool for research, educations, and culture across a variety of fields.

Conferenza GARR 2023

Main focus of this edition is the interconnection of knowledge. The world of research and education is gearing up for an extraordinary season filled with exciting and demanding challenges, thanks in part to the NRRP investments, and is in greater need than ever of interdisciplinary exchange and advanced skills to exploit and operate digital services to the best of their abilities.

In this context, it is important to create research infrastructures to support the activities that regularly handle vast amounts of data and demand high performance for their processing, transmission, and storage.
For three days, the GARR Conference will thus provide an opportunity to discuss the most pressing issues concerning the development of digital infrastructure and their most innovative application.

Keynote speakers from the field will discuss the future of the network and cloud platforms, about  research infrastructure - particularly in the context of the new NRRP projects, and AI and its profound impact it can have in the research and education sectors. In addition, topics such as data management and sharing, cybersecurity, digital innovation and much more will be covered.

Participants will be able to immerse themselves in a cross-disciplinary environment, with a network of people eager to share successful experiences in the areas of scientific and biomedical research, education, cultural heritage, art and music.

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